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Centro Estetico Profumeria



High perfumery and beauty studio.

Showcase of rare and precious fragrances.

We are passionate and knowledgeable people

and we will guide in the choice of perfumes for

dress better your personality.

It's a meeting place for professional,

where experts reccommend the best methods and beauty treatments

for the face abd body for your new Wellness.

 It's unique and very special place

it is not a coincidence that this beuty-boutique,

located in the center of Milan, bears the name of a

rich and generous flower that grows in distant lands.

Those same lands where are always applied

beauty rituals steeped in tradition.

It's obtained from the flower Ylang Ylang essential oil

with aphrodisiac properties, widely used in the creation

of perfumes and toning active ingredients,

allies of the skin.

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